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What is The GBrowser?

The GBrowser is a lightweight file browser, image viewer and terminal emulator written in C++ using GTK. The GBrowser does not require Gnome, KDE, XFCE or any other desktop or their libraries. That makes it perfect for light desktop users.

The GBrowser is very small. Since it's compiled into a tiny binary and doesn't rely on bulky desktop dependent libraries, the GBrowser is perfect for older machines. There is also a more than useful feature set, but without adding bloat to the code. Get the job of file management done without worring about stuff you use other apps for anyway, like: Samba, FTP or CD Burning.

And Now, The News!

Site finally updated!

I have updated the site, as requested. There is a new section called "Installation" which should lead you from the beginning to fully working installation. Also dependancies have been listed there. If it feels that something is missing or misleading you in installation please let me know.

Screenshots section have been also updated with fresh screenies straight from CVS. As you can see GBrowser have improved a lot from last release.

The New Website is Here!

Thanks to Flying Monkey Designs, my lack of HTML, CSS and PHP skills is not a hinderance to a simple, yet well made website anymore.