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For this install you can forget all those ./configure, make and make install commands. Instead we're going to use SCons, an alternative build tool.

    Basic Commands

  • scons #compiles gbrowser, if no errors were set you should have working binary at gbrowser directory called gbrowser
  • scons install #installs binary into /usr/local/bin and other needed stuff into /usr/local/share/gbrowser. Need to be root
  • scons -c install #uninstall. Need to be root

So the default installation directory is /usr/local, but everyone doesn't want to use it. What should we do then?
For this we can use prefix option. Let's say we want to install gbrowser into /usr for example.

    Misc options

  • scons prefix=/usr #compiles gbrowser, this time with support for /usr installation
  • scons prefix=/usr install #installs gbrowser into /usr, we need to use prefix here also. Need to be root
  • scons -c prefix=/usr install #uninstall gbrowser from /usr, Need to be root